Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kissed by an Angel

The cover brings out the overall feeling of the novel, but I think that it could have been designed better, the haunting rose, is a cool picture but honestly does not have anything to do with the actual story. It was a lazy job on their part, I think whoever designed it read a couple of words from the book.
Tristan and Ivy are together for maybe a couple months, but it is love that will last a lifetime for them both. Everyone thinks the car accident was, well an accident. But Tristan discovers soon, that it wasn’t.
He wakes up with his father over him, crying, trying to console him doesn’t work. As Tristan soon finds out, he is an angel. But that isn’t the biggest problem because Ivy has always believed in angels, ever since she was saved by one. But problems escalate when Tristan finds that Ivy is unable to see him, and doesn’t believe in angels anymore.
Tristan visits his grave and meets Lacy, a fellow angel, who helps him with realizing that it wasn’t just an accident.
Tristan doesn’t know what happened, but he has to save Ivy, he knows that much.

While all of this is happening Ivy deals with a broken heart, and loses faith in angels. Thankfully her wonderful step-brother is there at night to console her.

This book has the first three books in series, all nicely bound into one giant edition.
I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Chandler for a while, ever since I read the first book in the Dark Secrets trilogy on a camping trip. I didn’t read this one until my sister convinced me too, it seemed too much of a romance book for my taste, all about love, in a very unrealistic way.
But I was wrong.
Despite the fact it is centered around Ivy and Tristan it is actually much better than I thought it would be. Mystery, drama, lies, deceit, and manipulation. All in all an exciting book.
The authors style is unique, though with reading a few of her books I’ve noticed that she likes things to be tied up in a neat little bow, everybody always ends up with whatever their perfect ending is after the circumstances.
The endings are just too happy, go lucky in most cases. But I did like this, it was really more of a murder-mystery, love story. But more realistic then some of her other books.
The descriptions were very beautiful, and the books were all done really well. I found sometimes you were very disconnected from the characters, and other times, you were really inside their head. But you still didn’t know exactly how they felt, which usually for me would be a turn off. In this case it just intensified the mystery.
A really beautiful novel overall, though I still think they could have done a much better job with the cover.
Yes, it bugs me.
Like I said, cool cover, but holds absolutely no relevance to the actual books.

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