Monday, July 2, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Movie review 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster

The sixteenth president of the united states had a secret.

The title and obvious images that flood to your mind probably make you want to turn away from this movie. I'd understand why, at first I thought it was the stupidest thing ever.

After all, it sounds like it would be in the same row of the gently used movie section beside giant octopus vs. Godzilla.
Something stupid, and goofy that really shouldn't have been made.
Well, if you come to this conclusion, may be missing out on something awesome.

It was almost a perfect success in my book, everything I expected it to be, minus wooden teeth (which by the way, I was expecting and was disappointed). Don't get me wrong, there were some parts I laughed at.

For anyone who has ever seen a tree cut down, you know it does not go boom. Trees do not explode, that part, along with many others were done clearly for the amazing 3D affect it would create. That I know. And it was amazing. But it still made me laugh.

There were some painfully dumb parts in it. The obvious scenes that bugged me were the ones that were enhanced and prolonged because of the cool affect. Like I said, it was cool, the graphics were amazing. If you can, I'd see this in 3D. It is one of those movies that would make it look really good.

I was stunned at some of the images that were created. Some of my favorites were their version of what a vampire is, it was refreshing. Finally a new, unique vampire image!

I first seen the trailer for it, I thought it was so stupid. But as I seen it a second time, my interest was peaked. I mean the trailer looked amazing, and there is something so awesome about putting a president in the vampire hunting role. Unexpected. And awesome.

It was done really well. Tim Burton was the producer, some of the images in this; eg the graveyard scene after he kills his first were very familiar for someone who's watched plenty of Tim Burton movies.

The cast and directors and everybody did such a great job in this movie. The graphics were done really well.

The second leading man, Henry, was a very cool character. Also, at least when it came to me, I figured out what his big secret was as soon as I seen the 'wine'. One of my favorite characters in this movie.

Watching this movie I'm actually more curious about the famous hat man then I was before I watched it. Mostly because I want to check the writers facts. And see how much of the politics part of his life was true, that and taking away the vampire from the movie, the basic events (if they are at all similar) seem very interesting.

I am a snob when it comes to wanting a completely ridiculous and unreal world, to be as realistic as it can possibly be. Nothig can just explode without reason, the lead female can not randomly wear clothing that wouldn't even let her breathe, let alone defeat overwhelming forces.

For example, the tree scene.
My reaction: wow.
Sure the anger and years of pent up frustration and guilt would come out, but would it cause a small explosion inside the tree?

Among other things I also seen that this was based off of a book, which I may add to the chapters list.

The whole concept of this movie is pretty brilliant if you ask me. I'm sure it did extremely well in America. I'll probably check out the statistics later on. After all, a seemingly ordinary president, plus a grudge against vampires can only come to same conclusion: one action packed movie.

And it did not disappoint. It was good, I enjoyed every second of it. The end was awesome as well. I will leave comments about that out though, for fear of spoiling it for others.

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