Friday, October 26, 2012


I have nothing against people who use E-readers, I just dis-like them in general. I'm sure they have pros...but I'm a true dork at heart. I keep it real when it comes to books. I love books, the feel of them and the smell of them. You can't tell you've never opened up and book and loved the smell you associate with a new book.  Also, I actually like owning the book and adding it to my ever growing library. 

On a cold winter evening, the snow is falling in spades; you've just walked home from the bus stop, how you hate public transit, you turn on the heat, get cozy and sit by a warming fire. You grab blankets, make hot chocolate, and settle down into you favorite spot and read an E-reader. 
I'm sure you see how that amazing set up ended lamely. 
It was kind of a 'oh..'  moment. 

I do not like E-readers, sure the most in some cases most books you can buy from the 'online store' are less expensive, sure they may be less heavy then a book, sure they may have their own light--and some people think it saves trees. 

But in absolutely any case I would rather carry around a real book. 
If I met J.K. Rowling walking down the street I would want my BOOK signed, not my E-reader signed, actually you can't even sign an E-reader.

The Invasion of E-readers is slowly reaching epidemic proportions. 

E-readers save trees
Some people say that. 
If you are so worried about trees there are hundreds of other ways to save them--but I happen to know that there are a million other products that are unneeded, that could be eliminated and wouldn't really be missed. And besides, books are like trees. They last forever, at least the ones that are worth it. 

The cons of E-readers.

  • E-readers don’t smell like books. 
  • If you leave your E-reader on the bus, you've lost about a hundred bucks. You also loose all your books. If you leave a book on the bus, it is disappointing, granted. Especially if you haven't finished it yet, but at the same time someone will pick it up and maybe read it, or pass it on. And *depending on the book* be changed by it. 
  • E-readers make the entire process of reading that much lamer, and you loose that connection with the book, and with the characters. 
  • You can read people when you see their books collection, you can't do that if they own an E-reader. 
  • E-Readers give nothing away about the journey you’ve taken with a book. No dents, smells, smudges, notes *if you write in your books*. They don’t express the adventure and connection with the story and the characters. I want to have people pass on their battered books to me, not their digital copy, besides people will just get new E-readers. *Sad face* 
  • E-Readers are expensive and are being dallied as a catalyst to speed up cuts to library services. 
  • An E-Reader will break easily. If I drop it, it will break. 
  • If I drop an E-Reader in the bath it won’t be fixed, a book will. 
  • All getting books for an E-Reader involves is working internet. I prefer to get up, get out of the house, off my but and browse through the books. I love the random conversations that arise when I meet someone who loves the same book as I do. 
  • They are bad for the environment, and impractical. 
  • They will make you lazier. 
  • It closes the markets for writers, and the publishing companies take advantage of you. I mean, do you realize you are not buying an actual book? Come on people, you are buying electronic copies! Plus, when the power goes out, I will be sitting happily, content reading a real TANGIBLE book and you will be stuck mourning over your uncharged E-reader. 
  • It takes away the intimacy of reading a book. Though I think I've touched on this before. 


I think think you understand my stand on them.

"But at least people are reading..." whispers the soft annoying grown-up voice of logic whispers. 

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