Thursday, February 6, 2014

In love with words, forever.

I just love words.
Even a single, separate word can an incredible amount of power.
I invite you to think on that for a little while.


Even the word 'okay' has a special place in the heart of every fan of The Fault In Our Stars.

I love the way words are seemingly insignificant, small things that can have the power to completely overturn the world--and change it.

I love stories because of this reason--stories about witches and vampires, hunters or demons. Stories of failure, destruction, loosing, winning and strength. Stories that examine moral values and challenge us to think and grow and change. Stories are amazing.

They all have something they can teach. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like 'reviewing' books, because I believe that if you don't understand the book, or get it, than it wasn't meant for you to understand. And then somewhere along the line you find a book you don't love or one that doesn't strike you as all-important, yet to someone else that book can be the one thing that convinces them to keep going or fight for what they want.

Writing is such a beautiful art that so few people understand. And some stories are just so real, it's incredible they're labeled as fiction, even though logic tells you that witches, wizards, demons, vampires, dhampirs, and mockingjays aren't really real.

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