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Eve, Anna Carey

The cover is what drew to the book in the first place, I first found out about it on Inkpop, a old site Harper Collins used to own--a site I will never not miss. 

So this is book is going to be another in the Book Cross Over I'm doing with J.N. Cahil over on her blog.  
This is the same Book Cross Over we started back in 2013--hence the logo.

Eve (Eve, #1)

    The year is 2032, sixteen years after a deadly virus and the vaccine intended to protect against it wiped out most of the earth’s population. Little more then two percent of population remains. And, the virus killed more males then females; the males that are left, are vicious only wanting to use and abuse the young, impressionable girls. 

Eve owes everything to the King, for he is the one who, after the world fell, put it back together and established the wonderful School that protects Eve and her classmates. 

So the book starts the night before Eve, and her classmates graduation. Eighteen-year-old Eve is perfect, seriously, she is the golden girl. But, the night before graduation after witnessing one of her classmates desperate and successful escape, Eve finds out the truly horrifying truth about her intended future. 

With the help of one kind, yet sad teacher, Eve runs from the twisted safety and security, of the only home she’s ever known, leaving behind everything. 

And so, Eve begins her journey. 

Eve; she is the perfect student, the perfect friend, the golden girl. But this perfect girl has her sheltered world rocked when she finds out what happens behind the closed doors of her precious School. Women are bred to breed. And that is where this book starts. 

Eve finds out what really happens to the girls who graduate her school and after seeing the horror and corruption, she runs.  

The thing is, the odds against Eve surviving are slim. She's thrust into this wild, unpredictable world that she is not accustomed to. Think, Wall Street Girl thrust into the middle earth--that Eve.  

Cue, Caleb. 
Caleb is rough and he's strong, literate *surprisingly* and the most horrifying fact of all, he is a he. He, is a man. Men, the thing which Eve fears most thanks to some psychological brainwashing via. School.

Caleb lives in the wild with a small group of people and after saving Eve from her sad attempt at making a pet, they end up sticking together. Along with Arden, x school rival, Eve and Caleb attempt to make it through the wilderness.  

My Thoughts 

Eve, oh my, she is a difficult character to like in the beginning. She's pompous and rigid with the rules, she's judgmental. But at the same time it is hard to dislike her because she tries to do what is right and most times she doesn't know any better--this fact alone makes her a very relateable character. 

Eve is a very imperfect hero that so far does fall into the 'damsel in distress' category but you have to hand it to her, she does show impressive strength as well. She's been separated from everything her entire life, and she finds out that everything she has learned for the past eighteen years was all a lie. Her beliefs regarding men make being saved by Caleb more traumatic then almost being eaten by her 'pet'. 

Caleb is the opposite of Eve in every way imaginable and he is the one who is constantly challenging her past knowledge and bias. Eve rises to the occasion at times and falters to it many times. 

This book was hilarious, at times, thoroughly enjoyable. 

The book could be slow but it was such a vastly different book from other YA Dystopian-fiction books, I've read. Which is why I really did love this book. 

The problem is this one thing happens and Eve completely, utterly let me down. 
I am torn between wanting to read the next book and wanting to boycott Eve's decision by not buying this book. And yes, I realize how little sense that makes. 

I really liked this book, bordering on 'love' and I'll probably be picking up the next book in the series. 

I recommend you read this book if you are look for some light Dystopian, adventure, romance reading. 

Now to check out J.N. Cahill's review on this book follow the link below: 

J.N. Cahill's review of Eve

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