Thursday, July 19, 2012

Matched: Ally Condie

Written in first person this story takes you into the dystopian world of The Society, where all its inhabitants are controlled by the officials and the society.

A slow pace builds you up to the climax, Cassia and Ky's kiss. Honestly, in my opinion people read dystopian stories for the adventure and because of its ability to put things into perspective.

The Hunger Games was about war, it made you really think--about everything, about what war and trauma does to people, and makes you think about some pretty huge questions. What is right and wrong in a place like that?

This was about a teenage girl being told to fall in love with Xander, then falls in love with someone else.

I didn't care for it all that much.
The writing was good, it was just the overall story I wasn't too fond of. Ally is a good writer, I just didn't find that this story had much deep meaning. I liked the consistency of the narrators voice though and how they were tailored to the character, and the descriptions were good.

I didn't like that towards the end of the book the story wasn't really showed, it was just told.

It ended up being something like a summery or a review of what happened.

On the back of the soft cover addition it says: 'The hottest YA tittle  since The Hunger Games'.


Good way to sell copies but the comparison is ridiculous. 

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