Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises * Spoilers*


The Dark Knight Rises is the final part of Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy.
It was pure cinematic beauty.
The story of Batman and Bruce Wane are so intricately woven together, yet are distant from each other.
Bruce has to deal with the backlash of lying to the city; Batman has basically been crucified and held up as the supreme villain in Gotham.

It is the second part of the Dark Knight, but the third and final in the series.

In the first part of the movie, The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent is an up and coming leader.
A political warrior against crime; strong, and sure.

He became Gotham's hero; while Batman slowly became the villain.

As you may remember at the end of the Dark Knight, Harvey becomes enraged and insane by rage and grief at what had happened to him and Rachel. He blames Police chief Gordon for Rachel's death. A sympathetic character even as he turns into a monster.

Murdering, both criminals and police--building to the climax when he takes Gordon's son. Gotham needed a hero after the tragedy the Joker had instilled on the city. And even after Batman stopped him, and saved Gotham and Gordon's family, it wasn't him.

It is a selfless act of courage.

Batman and Gordon agree to lie; Batman takes the fall for Harvey Dent's murders.

The movie picks up eight years later, Bruce Wane has become a ghost in his house; more like a legend. Every year on Harvey Day, he holds a party in Dent's honor. The city hates Batman--despises him for killing Dent.

While Bruce is grieving for the loss of Rachel and Batman, Gordon wrestles with the choice he made eight years prior to the day. Gordon clearly wrestles with the decision, wanting to tell the truth, not wanting to honor the monster who nearly killed his son.

All of the characters person stories have so much depth to them.
Alfred, Blake, Seliena Kyle all go through extreme transformation while they are on their own journey.

This movie was written so well, everything was executed perfectly; the graphics were amazing and the story held so much depth. Christian Bale did an amazing job as Batman, and Anne Hathaway was amazing as Catwoman; her story was much more than the surface value.

Blake, the up and coming Detective, or "Hothead", was one character I enjoyed watching.

Gordon goes on his own journey; after years of dealing with the guilt and losing his family, he never stopped fighting the bad guys. The climax with him was when he finds out who Batman is, that scene was touching.

Though it was easy to figure out what was going to happen, in respect to Blake, they did a good job hiding it until about the end of the movie. It was an exciting and awesome movie.

If you enjoyed the first movies, you will love this one. The ending was satisfying for the viewers and hints there may be a spin series with the newest character.

It was great.

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