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Sorceress of Shadows

Sorceress of Shadows
Book 3 in the Heirs of a Broken Land series by Marie Bilodeau
Sorceress of Shadows (Heirs of a Broken Land Series, #3)

The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness has fallen...

In an attempt to save her mentor, Circle Elite Shirina paid a devastating price. Infected by the darkest of powers, she is bound to a staff and cursed with limited magic.

Now on a quest to safeguard what remains of the Circle and fulfill its mission to protect Graydon, Shirina must find a way to fuse the clashing powers of light and darkness. With dwindling time and as her body succumbs to poisonous magic, the sorceress must first seek redemption and re-forge old alliances.

Cassara Edoline and Avarielle Grayloft are her only hope of success, but the princess distrusts her and the warrior wants her dead. As the final battle for their land erupts and the three struggle with their failing powers, they must again join forces to reunite their broken land or watch their world crumble under the shadows of death.

*As I just finished reading this book my review may be all over the place* 

Wow, wow, wow. 

I'm literally just finished reading this book, and am still completely caught up in the story still. This is the third (and as far as I know--final) book in this series *:(*, and I so don't want it to end. 

The growth of the characters is astounding--I mean just when you think you know these characters, they change more--in this book you get to learn so much more about Shirina and you're introduced more to Shala, the Orange circle, who in the previous book, Shirina really didn't like.  I'll admit Shirina was never my favorite character, it is hard to really feel what she cares about because at first her will is the Circles, but throughout this book you finally get what to who she is and what she cares about, the very ending scene with her just warmed my heart, actually they all did. 

Something Avairelle's says pretty much sums up the entire attitude of the book, and shows you how much they all change: "This motherhood thing is making me soft." 

(You will only get this reference if you read the books--which you should by the way.)

Cassara has changed so much throughout this book, but the one constant about her is the way she always plays her flute. 

Pack Nacker is worth mentioning, he was one of the most inspiring characters in this book--not only did he loose his best friend, his home and land, he was also turned into a gruesome monster by Sibala, but since he was saved by Avarielle before the transformation was complete, his soul was still intact, and he was terrified of losing himself, whatever Sibala did to him made it so that most of his memories are robbed of him, a lust for the blood  of his allies slowly grows and threatens to overtake him, but in the end, he beat it, he died remembering his name. 

The conclusion to this series was so good.  
This was a really intense book--there were so many battles and surprises in this book.  It was horrifying at times--completely, *Avarielle and Rojon*, and it was so sad, *Pack Nacker and the lingering memory of Kyrde--whose deaths still make me want to cry*, but it was mainly a complete triumph for this world.  

The battles were seemingly endless, just when you think that it must be ending, you close the book and realize you still have nearly 100 pages left.  

It ended pretty perfectly--or as perfect as it could, Jayden is one example of how the ending was imperfect, his memories and fears of his own land show that, Avarielle's nightmares, and the forever changed world all show that--but it was so good. 

I would love to read more about all of them, Jayden especially, and how he turns out and how he changes, hopefully life gets easier, and his scars heal. I am dying to know what happens to Sibala, if he does come back, will they figure out how to actually get rid of him--for now  though it remains a mystery as to whether or not it is even possible. 

As you may have gotten from my post on it, this book will leave you flustered, breathless and wanting more. 

Read this book. 

Marie you did an outstanding job, I think one of the best authors of 2012. 

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