Thursday, March 21, 2013

The wonder of a book

Now this is going to be a different post.
No book review or cover reveal, just a little discussion on some of my thoughts regarding reading.

We all read for some reason, some people only read because they have to, (suckers) but those of us who read because we love it know a secret about reading.

Reading is the greatest form of magic, at least one of them, we can open a book and we can find the secrets of life, and love, and hate, and death within them.

We read to know that we are not alone, I think it was Mark Twain that said that.

I'm struck over and over again of how true this is, though at first hearing this, I didn't understand it. But I do now, when we read certain books we can suddenly be validated. Something we have always felt is felt by another, even if it is just a character in a book, but I think we all know that characters can be more real than celebrities sometimes.

The whole idea of this blog is to share what I love about different books, I think I'm pretty good at finding one thing in every book that I like, of course that doesn't always happen, sometimes the books are just not good and I don't like them.

I'm always struck by how books--stories--fictional characters can last forever in our hearts and minds--which is why this blog is named as it is. Supernovawords. Words that seem to last throughout history.

Did you know that when you look up at night sky some of the stars you are looking at have already died. There light took so long to reach us, that while their light was traveling, they died. Books--good books contain messages and lessons, they may take a long time to reach us, but they do eventually reach us.

A supernova can outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime, can you grasp the magnitude of that? And yet its possible that light from it, will take a long time to reach us, by the time we see it, the star could be dead.

Some writers embody that idea, of light shining from the past to meet us, sometimes writing lasts a more than a century. A Supernova writer from our day would be J.K. Rowling, no surprises there. Her stories will last as close to forever as they can get.

I think the true beauty of books lies inside them, you know the entire 'It's bigger on the inside' idea from Doctor Who? Well that is kind of the way books are. They can contain so much more than what they seem to be about. People who tell me that reading is a waste time will never be able to understand why they are so wrong. The amazing thing about books is that can teach you so much, despite the fact that they may be about something ludicrous.
I want to hear about the books that come to mind when you think about this idea that books that are 'bigger on the inside', that they are so much more than what they mean at face value. Leave a comment below. I always want to hear about those really good books that mean so much more to you than the others.

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