Saturday, March 1, 2014


Austenland (2013) Poster

If you haven't seen Austenland yet you're missing out on a hilarious comedy about every Fangirl ever. 

Basically, this movie follows Jane--an avid Jane Austen fangirl, in complete love with Mr. Darcy (I know, not too original yet). Well, Jane decides to go to an Austen retreat where other fans and some actors are immersed in a 'Jane Austen-esk' world. 

The Characters 

Mr. Nobely, Martin and Jane are the main players. 

Martin is the stable boy, who we're led to believe is set apart from the fantasy of the Austen world that Jane is immersed in. He plays the 'real' guy, while Mr. Nobely is the fantasy or the 'Mr. Darcy' of Austenland. 

No one in this movie is what they seem--well, except maybe Jane who is very much a relatable character because of her obsessions, insecurities and bad luck in love. She dates a lot of losers and is an self-admitted fangirl.

The Movie

It was hilarious; everything about it was fantastic. The actors who were acting as actors did an amazing job. This also turned out to have a coming-of-age feel than just plain romantic-comedy. 

The character of Jane was very real and very funny. And Mr. Nobely was also a surprising character--who you'll end up adoring, even without the top hat on. 
Though I doubt the realism of any and every Hollywood love-story, I loved this movie because it made me laugh--constantly, due in large part to Jennifer Cooliage as Miss. Charming. 

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