Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spotlight On Music: Passenger


Well if you can't get what you want 
You learn to love the things you've got 
If you can't be what you want
You learn to be the things you're not
If you can't get what you need 
You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming
All the things that stop you dreaming

All The Things That Stop You Dreaming, Passenger

Passenger's Let Her Go has been playing non-stop, topping the charts lately. It is one of the most played songs in North America right now. Much to mine, and others pleasure. The thing is it is such a beautiful song, but it is only one song off of the All The Little Lights album. 

And, not surprisingly, it's not my favorite off of that album, I would have to say The Wrong Direction would be or Holes, and Life's for the Living. Passenger though, has become one of my favorite artists very quickly.

Let Her Go has been playing over and over on the radio--it is probably becoming annoying to the majority of people though, as radios have a tendency to play a song to death. Of course, I don't mind hearing it over and over again, as I am a huge fan. Though sadly, the fact that it is being played so much means it is probably beginning to annoy people as that seems to be the norm.

For those who don't know Passenger is actually Michael David Rosenberg--he is an English folk rock singer/song-writer. His music resonates deeply within the hearts of many people and I'm just one. I feel his music is beautiful, transcendent even.

I am sort of odd when it comes to music preferences, if I was to give a list of my favorite bands you'd probably end up scratching your head attempting to figure out how one can love Rise Against, the Great Lake Swimmers, Hedley, and even Eminem at the same time. And I swear I'm the only that does this--at least the only one I know of, and I'll admit my family thinks it's pretty odd.

All The Little Lights is such a beautiful CD I believe that when you turn it on you're given a gift, which is something art always gives you. You're given a little bit of magic actually. The music is honest, distant--at times, hopeful, sad, and joyful--but above all beautiful. It is the kind of music that lifts you up and allows you to feel distant and/or sad. It is honest, which is what I love about it. As well, it is unique. No one sees the world quite like this man does. I love this CD--hoping that I`ll be able to see him when he comes to Canada again. 
This music makes me feel connected, comforted, alone and safe. 

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