Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo: The Complex

In the spirit of November I have decided to share the story I will be working on for National Novel Writing Month. 

The Complex



Tay has been stuck in The Complex her entire life. She was born there. And at eighteen, unless she escapes, she will be stuck there--mindless, her entire life as a nursemaid--lobotomized, taking care of other people deemed unfit for society. 
Help comes in an unexpected place when she begins receiving notes on how and when she needs to escape, there is a group outside the armored walls of the complex that want her. 
She has no idea why, she doesn't actually care--she'll accept there help until she's out--and then she'll ditch them, and run. 
Things don't go as planned when she realizes that ditching them is impossible--they'll let her go, sure. But she'll be found within three seconds. Somehow this strange group of rag-tag comrades have the ability and desire to keep her from being locked up back in the Complex. 
She learns the truth about the city, the people, and the government that controls all as she is exposed to the darkest depths of the city. 
Yet, even as she realizes the darkness and despair of the city, she soon realizes that not all is as it seems. And the people she is forced to trust, turn their back on her, smiling. 
Genre; Dystopian with scifi themes

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