Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo: I already need a break

NaNoWriMo was off to a great-ish start. 
On November 1st at 12:01am I started writing The Complex--stayed up and wrote until I was too tired to go on. 

As you know, I'm writing a novel called The Complex, about a tough girl who has grown up in a prison/mental institution it is going to be a dystopian novel. 
This story is one I've had floating around my head for awhile now so it had been great starting it and fleshing this world out. 

November 1st was great--everything was flowing and moving and everything seemed to turn out just the way I wanted it to...flash forward to now. Everything is a big horrible disaster. 
I'm being over dramatic, sure; it isn't that bad, fine. 
But the story isn't turning out the way I want it to. It isn't flowing smoothly and that bugs me-a lot.

I'm on par with the suggested word count so everything is okay with that--I'm not behind yet, but it took a lot to force myself to write because so far my writing feels stiff and uneven. This world is a complicated one. 

But there will be days like that I'm afraid. 
It's inevitable. 

I already want a break. 
And another coffee. 

For now, I'll settle for going over to a family friend's house for a 'beading' party and a glass of wine.  

So how about you? How is your novel going?? 
Last but not least I bring to you some pictures and quotes from all over the internet to help you stay inspired. 

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