Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo Week One

I've had a couple rough starts this past week in regards to NaNoWriMo but the last three days of week one actually turned out to be --really-- surprisingly amazing. Though life is really rough lately, my writing, has been better than it has in a long time.

My novel is really moving well, which is a nice surprise considering pacing and plotting have never been my strong suit.

I've reached this point where when I sit down to write I'm desperate to. I'm excited to start and it doesn't take me that long to really get going. My writing has reached a nice synchronicity and I've achieved a perfect flow. The story is working. The characters are working. And I'm learning more about this world and these characters the deeper I get. There is honestly nothing like that feeling you get when your story is coming together *nearly* seamlessly. The only strange thing is that this story is turning out to be something I didn't plan it to's better than I expected.

And I'll be honest, I'm pretty damn proud of the fact that I've not only reached my words/per day goal but that I've actually surpassed it. So hells yeah. I rock.

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