Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spotlight On Television: The 100

The 100 is currently on season two. It is a post-apocalyptic drama that started back in 2013 on the CW. It is based on the book of the same name, by Kass Morgan. 

Personally, I started watching The 100 this year on Netflix after surgery. And let me tell you, it is a pretty incredible show. I agree with what most of the critics say, this show has its fair share of stereotypes, but honestly, they make it work. Each character is relateable in some way and this show has a similar feeling and is reminiscent of Lost and Terra Nova.

I love the way they tell the stories in this show. As the seasons progress you get to learn more about each character`s personal story and you get to see what made them the way they are. What drives them and what scares them. We are introduced to Clarke and we watch her story unfold and understand why she is the way she is. But the story becomes even more complicated when we learn about Bellamy and Octavia, and learn more about the Ark and what it was like living in it.

The premise is extraordinary: this story begins 97 years after a nuclear war wipes out nearly all life on earth. The only known survivors are the people of the Ark. The Ark was created by the 12 space stations that came together after the war. Life on the Ark is hard. Any and all crimes are punishable by 'floating' unless you are under eighteen. 'Floating' is the horrifying practice of throwing any rule breakers out of an air lock.

Yes, even after a nuclear war us humans are still executing one another.
Unfortunately, under the circumstances, it is actually understandable why all crimes are dealt with so ruthlessly and punished so severely.

About 2, 400 people live on the Ark, they are ruled by the Chancellor and the Council. When the life support system on the Ark begins to fail--100 "expendable" juvenile delinquents are sent from the Ark down to Earth. The teens are aware that it's a test to see if the earth is habitable yet. They find out that for the most part, the earth is habitable.

The teens and kids land on Earth and begin to form a sort of community. Earth, a place they had only ever dreamed about and seen from space, becomes their home. Problems arise when two conflicting ideals emerge in the form of the leadership. Clarke and Bellamy are at odds over how they want this new world to work. Bellamy wants to be free of the Ark while Clarke who represents moral leadership wants to save them.

The teens become divided when half of them don't want the Ark to know that the earth is habitable and they begin to take off there sensor bracelets. The kids and teens soon discover that the dangers they will face are more than just that of their peers, in fact, the earth may be beautiful but it is not without its own dangers. And though they thought they were the only survivors they're not.

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