Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vampire Academy

There are very few movies made from books that have actually lived up to the book or at least my expectations of the books.

Harry Potter, did. Overall, I mean. 
The cast was incredible and though a lot was cut or changed in the movies, they did a fantastic job getting the overall feeling and staying true to the books. Though I look at the book series and movie series very separately the movie-adaption would get 4/5. The only reason they lost some a point was because a lot of my favorite scenes from the books weren't included. The relationship between Harry and Sirius namely.

The Lord Of The Rings; were great books and great movies. 
But did they live up to my expectations of the books? Sort of--mostly, hard to say since I read the books after seeing the movies.
They included as much as they could with the time limit they had and overall it was a good adaption.

The Hunger Games, sort-of, mostly did. 
It would be rated a 3/5
These movies are very good. I love the cast--despite obvious differences between the characters and them, the first wasn't a perfect adaption but Catching Fire I would say came very close, rated as 4/5.

Now, for Vampire Academy.

I have a deep love and devotion to these stories and these characters so I was nervous. As in, really nervous, regarding the movie. And how it would go. And after seeing the trailers/ads I was actually scared. Sitting in the theater with my sister and seeing the ad for the first time, it did not capture the essence of the book at all. The first trailer looked too sexualized-high school, and it was too comedy in another. It was one of the brief trailers though, the trailers following that one were pretty good.

Despite constant reassurances that the movie was good and did live up to the expectations of the author Richelle Mead, we were all nervous.

I'm glad to finally be able to say this to all other fans; you don't need to be nervous about the movie, honestly it was amazing.

It was only after the first couple trailers we realized what the director/marketing team were drawing in a new audience. Which, I`d like to point out, is one more thing this movie is set apart from all the other book-to-movie adaptions out there. They really did draw in a new audience.
They worked hard to introduce the story to new people which required different tactics.
But I`m happy to report that it seems to have worked, at least here in Canada.

In regards to this movie, I only really have one thing to say.
It gets and deserves a 5/5
It is the best movie adaption I`ve seen all the last ten years actually.

Of course, 
In a year or so I may look back on this post and realize that when I wrote it I was drunk on the residual excitement and relief you'll experience after seeing the movie. Honestly, it managed to live up to the first book. And I am elated with that. I give this book to movie adaption a 5/5  because the change from novel to movie was flawless. I am still drunk on the amazing-ness that was the Vampire Academy movie. Already have plans to see it again.

Yes, the story was changed.
Yes, they some things were left out.
No, not all characters were quite as imagined.
Yes, Dimitri was Dirmtri.
Yes, the cast was amazing.

And here are some reasons I loved it so much.

-They made up for having to cut things from the story
   Even though some aspects of the books weren't included, overall what was included was incedible. They didn't cut anything too important.

   -They changed the story lines a little but only to smooth it out

The actors that were chosen were incredible

-Dimitri was the Dimitri in my head, Rose was the Rose in my head, but that had little to do with the overall look of the actors

-the thing is I did picture some characters in my head differently, but once I had seen the actors on screen get the 'soul' or 'essence' of the character, the image I once had, didn't matter. I will never go back to seeing the characters the same way honestly.

       The movie was a kick-ass, equal-power, hell-yes, let's-do-this, holy-crap-I-need-to-see-this-again, kind of movie.

 See it. 

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