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WHY YOU SHOULD SEE Vampire Academy The Movie

There is so much confusion regards to whether or not Vampire Academy was a good movie, well, at least in the mundane world of movie-god-critics.

To be frank, I`m getting a little concerned about this, because I honestly know that this movie can make a massively positive impact on youth in today's society, it isn`t Twilight and I wish people would stop comparing it to that and writing it off as another teen love story. 

Yes, it has the elements of a romance, but that is not what the center of the movie is. 

With all the high-and-mighty-movie-critic-gods convincing people that it wasn't a good movie not enough people are seeing it—which is very concerning for the VAfamily.

I've decided to combat this annoying trend among movie critics because well, first of all, let`s take a second and really think about WHO these movie critics are. Probably NOT the intended demographic.

Two, if the first movie doesn't do good at the box-office they probably won't be making another any time soon. The VAFamily needs the second and this world NEEDS a kick-ass heroine like Rose Hathaway.

Here is why you, yes you, should see Vampire Academy.

And, I invite you to add your voice into the mix as well. Feel free to comment--either condemning what I've said *good luck* or adding to it.

The Unorthodox List

Why Vampire Academy was a kick-ass movie and Why You *especially if the You in question is Female* Should Go and See It right now

The Friendship

The friendship between Lisa and Rose is one that is inspiring and the kind of friendship that we need more of in our twisted society. 

In modern day North America women and girls are willing to throw each other under buses for some pretty sad reasons. And, sadly, many of those reasons *GUESS WHAT* have to do with putting so much emphasis on guys/relationships/getting one and having one.

That, I have to say is partly because of the Twilight phenomenon that swept the world not too long ago but let's face it. We've always been like that, as a society.   

As females there is tremendous pressure in society to get and have a boyfriend, we're taught that it is
 The Most Important Thing In Life. And there are many things that go into that belief.
Mass media, being first and foremost at the top of that list.

There is also that belief that to get a boyfriend you need to be Hollywood beautiful. 

Do you know what happens when we have to be Hollywood Beautiful? Insecurities develop. No one, unless you are a walking Photoshop Hologram can be Hollywood beautiful because of a simple fact that it is all faked. 

When people are insecure about themselves  there are huge consequences personally and socially. You can end up being mean, gossiping a lot, and usually end up picking out other peoples' insecurities and judging them. You try to find ways to make yourself feel better and a lot of times that gets you into even more trouble, many girls and young women end up letting people walk all over them. Not enough emphasis is put on real Friendship until you either figure out how important it is for yourself or you don’t. Friendship is arguably the most important thing in the world.

If you were a kid without any prior knowledge of this world and were to base how you live your life off Hollywood movies or TV shows the only real time you’d go actively and talk to another girl/women is when you need to talk about boys. Let’s all remember the Bechdel test.

Friendship is something that is unappreciated and something that just isn't taught. IF we focused on telling girls more stories about friendship and loyalty--there'd probably be a lot less heartache in the lives of many teens and young-adults right now. This movie teaches friendship and focuses on loyalty. Yes there are elements of romance but it is not the main focus.

This movie screams at you to be powerful and be yourself...and not just because of Rose`s persistence on tackling Dimitri using a battle cry. 

Rose Hathaway is a hero who stands up for herself, does not let herself be used by any men and she one that kicks serious ass. 

Be powerful and be yourself. Because, guess what, you're awesome.

Own yourself don't be afraid of standing up for people, and don't be afraid.
For the love of Vald, don't be afraid to say no.   

You can say whatever you need/want to say.
Be proud to be a girl/women.

The world needs a hero like Rose Hathaway and Lissa; girls who are able to stand up and really own who they are.

Despite what any critics or outsiders may say, this movie is amazing so before you knock it—give it a try first, and take your sister(s) and your friends. Even your brother could probably appreciate it, get a group of friends and have a night out.

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.  
It is a kick-ass movie. 

And, for Vald’s sake, it passes the Bechdel Test.

Just a quick recap of the Bechdel Test for those who don't know about it. The Bechdel Test is a way to test movies for gender bias.

It asks three questions: does the work of fiction feature at least two women? 
Do the two women talk to each other?
Do they talk to each other about something other than men?

The answer to all of the above is YES!!!

These are only a few reasons you need to see this movie.

In reality I could talk forever about why you should see this movie—it isn't just because it is a total female empowerment, Feminist-approved movie.

Guys will like it too. There are incredible fight scenes. Some pretty awesome male characters that once again stand up for themselves and once again kick ass. 

You should see it because it is funny—it makes you laugh, leaves you happy and shocked. 

It doesn`t take itself too seriously, even pokes fun at all Twihards and all vampire-obsessed people (and come on, you have got to appreciate the irony there).

But it is a very unique take on vampires with an incredible ending. It brings back the way old-school vampire—evil dead monsters that want to kill and destroy life, but it also introduces new individuals to a new race of vampires and vampire hybrids that want to preserve life in all its chaotic glory. 

I'm not saying that this movie was perfect...what I am saying is that the director and screen writer Mark and Daniel Waters did a superb job in regards to honoring the book and the characters. The cast was impeccable, more or less, perfect. And once again, the hero's in this movie are needed. Plus, as those who've read the books know they only get better. So I highly suggest you go and see this movie. 

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